What is this Hell?

We are a bunch of infernal beings, talking about Tabletop RPG-Design and related topics. Every GM is also partially a Game Designer, you might find some interesting stuff here even if you don’t consider yourself an Game Designer. We are unresponsable for any cases of possession, please refer to your local religious service provider.



I’m the one dragging the others along for the ride and for now I’m probably the one writing all the articles. The others might occasionally drop in for a comment but so far they have no articles planned. I’m closest to what you probably know as an incubus.



Hello human, I am mainly here because Azilut often skips over far to much research and I’m here to present to you with what he wanted you not to know. So if you¬†want to get all the details of something only mentioned, look out for me. In other words, I’m mostly providing the links.


The Summoner

Yes, I summoned them. No, I don’t know how to get rid of them. Have fun reading and watch your soul. Don’t trust a devils word.


Data protection DSVGO-stuff

Is under construction by Lefaret. So far the site should not be collecting any data we’re aware of and we are only interested in your soul anyway, so don’t worry.